Our Team

Our Team

Aaron Rallo, Chief Executive Officer and Founder
After working 15 years in major data centers worldwide, Aaron set out to create a platform that could substantially improve application delivery across different environments, including cloud. The result — the TSO Logic Platform — gives organizations clarity and total visibility into data center and cloud costs, performance and utilization levels. Aaron’s experience with the company’s clients, as well as previous stints building and managing large-scale server farms, has given him an insider’s view of the challenges facing data centers and driven him to develop solutions for tackling tough management issues: How to meet customer demands and strict service level agreement requirements, all while reducing operational and capital expenses.

In addition to his data center experience, Aaron previously served as president and COO of PNI Digital Media, vice president with Fuji Film, and senior positions with Microsoft. He graduated from Stanford University’s AEA Program and holds a degree in Computer Science from the Rochester Institute of Technology.


Chris Tivel, Chief Technology Officer
As the head of TSO Logic’s development team, Chris has been a driving force behind the company’s success in redefining what energy efficiency means in today’s evolving IT environments. Before coming on board, he served as CTO at PNI Digital Media, directing the transformation of the company’s system for handling more than 18 billion transactions yearly. Prior to that, he held a number of progressive development and architecture positions, including lead architect at Fuji Film. Chris holds a bachelor’s degree in Applied Math and Computer Science from the University of Colorado.


Terence White, Executive Vice President
Terence has oversight for the strategic direction and global expansion of TSO Logic. He has a deep understanding of data center operations and vast experience driving game-changing technologies into commercial markets. A seasoned industry veteran, Terence has lead several technology companies such as Nortel Networks, IPC Information Systems, Aligned Energy, and Inertech. In addition, he continues in advisory roles for companies in sectors ranging from infrastructure and information security, to real-time financial applications and digital media technologies.


Alisha Loewen, CPA, Director of Finance
Alisha is a CPA and oversees Finance, Legal and HR activities at TSO Logic. Her many years of finance and accounting experience are integral to managing TSO Logic’s full cycle accounting, financial reporting, sales operations, and corporate development activities. Working alongside the sales team on new opportunities, she has helped successfully onboard strategic partners and ensure their success. Prior to TSO Logic, Alisha was a Senior Associate with PWC and holds a Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree from Mount Royal University.


Gabriel Wiebe, Director of Product Development
For the last 10+ years Gabriel has focused on leading small development teams that are dedicated to taking disruptive ideas to market. For the last five years, he has applied his craft at TSO Logic building a platform that leverages data collected by enterprises into data-driven business cases for migration. In this role he is responsible for: managing product development prioritization, customer platform experience and third-party platform integration prototypes.

Prior to TSO Logic, Gabriel was the Director of Software Engineering at Sutus Inc. He holds a Computer Engineering degree from the University of Victoria and an AWS Solutions Architect – Associate certificate.


Andrea Majorki, Director of Marketing and Communications
As the head of marketing and communications, Andrea ensures that we put our best foot forward in communicating the value of TSO Logic to prospects, partners, customers and the media. Internally, she ensures we all use good grammar. Prior to this role, Andrea worked for Vancouver Foundation and has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Simon Fraser University.


Stephanie De Vries, Director of Client Delivery
For the last 10+ years Steph has been delivering successful outcomes for the largest retailers in the world, owning program design and execution, inspiring teams and building relationships. At TSO Logic, Steph has developed, and continuously improves, our project processes, drives projects forward, efficiently scales our business and ensures our customer’s meet their goals.

Prior to TSO Logic, Steph was Client Delivery Manager at PNI Digital Media (Staples). She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Simon Fraser University and is a certified Scrum Master and Product Owner.