See how TSO Logic
simplifies IT transformation.

Our software platforms remove the guesswork so you can now plan with confidence.

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See how TSO Logic
simplifies IT transformation.

Our software platforms remove the guesswork so you can now plan with confidence.

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Case Study: Morningstar

Global financial services organization leverages analytics platform to build business case for migration

Morningstar, a global financial services organization with operations in 27 countries, had an urgent need to evaluate its options: move to a new co- location data center or migrate to cloud? With two of its worldwide data center contracts soon to expire, the company was looking for the most efficient and economical way forward — and its IT managers needed to do it fast. To fast track the process, AWS recommended that Morningstar call on TSO Logic.

Is it more economical to run on premises or in cloud? With multiple data centers, thousands of OS instances, and terabytes of storage all running on different generations of hardware and supporting different applications it’s hard to get the right answer. In order to maximize cost efficiencies, rightsizing between on-premise and cloud instances and factoring in differences between hardware generations and usage patterns have to be reconciled.

To get answers, Morningstar opted to leverage TSO Logic’s powerful decision-making engine, TSO Match As-a-Service. Focusing on compute usage, utilization, instance sizing, and economic analysis, the platform applies fine-grained, algorithmic analysis to thousands of ingested data points to deliver accurate results. The solution finds the best instance size fit and instance sizes to support workloads.

The TSO Logic platform showed the current costs for running Morningstar’s instances and identified the best-fit instance sizes to support the company’s workloads.

The solution quickly demonstrated the potential for significant cost reductions, and showed that a vast majority of their instances would cost 30 percent less if operated in cloud. We fast tracked the process of moving just the right applications to AWS and helped Morningstar plan for migrations that will enable the company to realize major cost efficiencies year after year.

TSO Match As a Service
TSO Match uses powerful algorithms to evaluate your current compute needs and compare them to hundreds of thousands of potential outcomes in an agnostic fashion. It finds the best fit and provides instance details and a business case for change, so you can move forward with confidence.

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