About Us

The TSO Logic Difference

TSO Logic provides the industry’s most accurate data-driven recommendations to right-size and right-cost compute – across all environments, including cloud.

We show the actual performance, utilization and TCO of our customers’ current environments and cloud alternatives, so they can optimize their spending and develop a data-backed business case for change. With deeper insights, they can make more accurate decisions that deliver bottom-line results.

With TSO Logic, organizations are:

  • Fast-tracking discovery and planning for IT transformation
  • Finding the optimal future state for any given workload
  • Identifying 30%+ savings with algorithmic analysis

A bit of history.
TSO Logic’s founders, started with a simple question: How can I simplify and generate savings through IT transformation?

Running businesses with large-scale server farms, they saw firsthand how complicated it could be just to understand current application workloads. They watched colleagues wrestle with complex tools and manual calculations to identify opportunities to reduce OPEX and CAPEX, and attempt to prioritize which workloads should run where—often with disappointing results.

The TSO Logic team built an automated, data-driven analytics solution to provide a complete picture — of what you have today and what it could look like when projected to the ideal future state.

Today, TSO Logic’s solution is found across the fortune 500, including telecommunications, healthcare, finance, insurance, digital media and retail. When the global leaders in cloud services and data center technology want to help their customers accelerate IT transformation, they choose TSO Logic.