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See how TSO Logic
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Our software platforms remove the guesswork so you can now plan with confidence.

Zombie servers knocking at your door?

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TSO Logic has hunted zombies across tens-of-thousands of servers, and over the years we’ve found that 30% of physical and virtual machines in the typical data center are “comatose” — that is, they’re useless zombies quietly doing nothing more than sucking up resources, in addition to all the extra costs for licensing, security and maintenance. Which means they can cost your business lots of money day after day.

These ghoulish wasters of costly resources can be eliminated with zero impact on data center performance or uptime. The good news? It’s easy to destroy them.

AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3.

1. Grab the right weapon — By aggregating data across every silo in the data center, including compute, network and applications, TSO Metrics spots zombies even when they’re disguised. And actionable reports revealing their IP addresses, names, locations, and owners tell you exactly where to find them, making it easy to take ‘em out.

2. Aim for the brain — Armed with actionable info you can quickly go for the kill by simply unplugging their lifeline and yanking them out of the rack for instant savings. Or if you’re feeling merciful, you can move them to a less costly environment (blood-sucking zombies are often seen running on the most expensive hardware) and transform them from their useless state to active compute.

3. Cash in on the savings — One of our clients was spending $1.2M/year to run their physical and virtual infrastructure. Killing the 30% of unused zombies lurking in their virtual server farm immediately freed up $360,000 — not to mention countless resource hours wasted on maintenance and support. And somewhat like real zombies, the savings didn’t go away; they just keep coming back year after year. Ask us for a case study with all the assorted details.

Halloween is coming soon, and just in time, help is here: Contact us to see how easy it can be to safely drive out those frightfully costly zombie servers and enjoy the sweet savings to invest on other goodies in your data center.


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