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See how TSO Logic
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Our software platforms remove the guesswork so you can now plan with confidence.

What you can learn from cloud providers

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Cloud providers can teach us valuable lessons about data center best practices. That’s because they view the data center as a strategic business asset and focus relentlessly on improving efficiencies and outperforming service level agreements. I know the mindset — I managed data centers for 15+ years, and applied the same laser focus (and still do!).

Whether your data centers are spread across the world or you have 50 racks and want to maximize capacity, there is value in integrating these best practices from cloud providers:

 1. Your data center is a strategic asset — measure it accordingly.
Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) isn’t the only metric to be concerned with. By measuring and correlating data from the application stack with data from licensing, devices, and facilities you’ll get a complete picture of costs, utilization, efficiency, and opportunities for improvement.

2. Share data across the organization.
Show all departments, including management, where your data center is optimized and where it can improve. Justify improvement plans with a defensible ROI and use ongoing measurements to track progress to your goals. For instance, we recently provided granular cost and consumption metrics — by application and department — for a large university. In turn, the university used the information to coordinate efforts across departments to meet its efficiency goals and comply with an aggressive sustainability mandate.

3. Create cross-functional teams.
By building teams that include facility, IT, capacity planning, and provisioning, you’ll gain a holistic view of the data center and be better equipped to drive efficiencies from diverse angles (e.g., server utilization, cooling, etc.). With detailed metrics and a holistic view, you’ll have a foundation to leverage funding programs provided by utility companies. If you can show that new hardware will consume less power and do more work, you will likely be eligible for their programs — and the financial gains multiply quickly.

If you’re exploring the cloud or looking to reduce data center costs while achieving your SLAs, we’d like to work with you. With the right analytics and processes you can transform your data center into a strategic business asset. See how we can help you get there.

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Aaron Rallo
CEO and Founder of TSO Logic


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