See how TSO Logic
simplifies IT transformation.

Our software platforms remove the guesswork so you can now plan with confidence.

See how TSO Logic
simplifies IT transformation.

Our software platforms remove the guesswork so you can now plan with confidence.

Who & Why

More than just talk.

Talk of transforming the data center can no longer be just that. It’s time to walk the talk. Yet to make change realistic and capable of delivering results that reduce the cost of doing business on the web, in the cloud, and around the world, the data center needs actionable intelligence across the entire operation. While businesses rely on flawless service delivery, and uptime, IT teams are asked to do more with less.

TSO Logic brings transparency across every silo, delivering visibility into data center operations for all levels of the business – even those beyond IT. Its reports and dashboards enable department heads to have fact-based dialogs around business performance and financial implications in an easily accessible, understandable way.


Why TSO Logic for the C-Suite?
For the first time, executives – including those with no IT background – have a way to evaluate one of the biggest lines items they know the least about: data center costs. TSO Logic gives C-level executives the ability to understand capacity planning, resource utilization, and the financial impacts of IT operations. In a single view, it presents the strategic actions an organization needs to take to improve data center performance, plan for capital expenditures and significantly reduce IT and business expenses.

Why TSO Logic for Service Providers?
Today’s shift to the cloud has triggered growing demand for service providers, creating enormous opportunities for third-party providers offering cloud consulting and other data center transformation services. To effectively capitalize on these opportunities and gain a competitive edge, many service providers leverage TSO Logic analytics and automation tools. Our proprietary algorithms deliver accurate insights and recommendations that can be acted upon immediately to accelerate client engagements and drive deeper results with every engagement, all while helping reduce costs.

Why TSO Logic for Operations Managers?
Everything in the data center has a cost – from the rack to the facility and into the cloud. For the business, these costs are simple line items that can get out of control and have to be justified again and again. With TSO Logic, operations managers gain visibility across the supply chain to better understand the data center’s operational reality. Managers can make the case for newer, more efficient compute purchases, and have the information needed to efficiently migrate existing workloads to new servers, free up valuable floor space, and more.

Why TSO Logic for IT Managers?
IT leaders are always looking for new ways to scale. With the intelligence and automation power of TSO Logic, teams have the transparency to rapidly transform without sacrifice. By utilizing TSO Logic technologies, IT managers can report on data center operations in terms the business understands. And they can do their jobs faster and smarter, and take actions that immediately impact the bottom line.

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