TSO Metrics

Cross-silo analytics for optimizing IT

To really improve your operational efficiency, you need to see what’s happening everywhere — from applications and the rack to the facility, and even up to the cloud. Horizontal and vertical transparency and data aggregation across the network, apps, and infrastructure is exactly what TSO Logic’s open platform delivers.

Total visibility

TSO Metrics gives you unprecedented visibility into datacenters and virtual environments – included those on-premise, collocated or in the cloud. It identifies comatose servers that are doing nothing more than wasting resources, so you can pull the plug for instant savings. It also pinpoints underutilized servers and carves out a pathway to use them more efficiently.

Dynamic orchestration

Actionable analytics show the way forward for optimizing resource allocation, improving uptime, and reducing operational expenses. The solution provides critical insights for capacity planning across every department, making it easy to accommodate variable workloads in the most efficient way possible — and still meet your SLAs.