TSO Metrics

Deep, application-level insight. Real answers. That’s what it takes to do capacity planning with confidence.

TSO Metrics is a lightweight, non-invasive software solution that gives you unparalleled visibility into your server environment, your application performance, and your energy consumption.

Unlike other solutions, it goes down deep to the application level to show you how your applications are using energy to generate revenue, how they are wasting energy, and how much you can potentially save with TSO Power Control.

Quick to Install

TSO Metrics lives on one server, with no user agents and no additional hardware.

Works Invisibly

There’s zero impact on performance and workflow —you won’t notice it’s there until you get your reports.

Your Choice

You decide exactly what, when, and how long to monitor, with no commitment to use TSO Power Control.

Capacity used and available capacity

Performance response times and system utilization

Workload incoming workload

Power Use cost of power draw based on kWh

Savings Potential cost and energy savings you can expect