See how TSO Logic
can help you take control.

Our experts will show you how to reduce costs, improve security and uptime

See how TSO Logic
can help you take control.

Our experts will show you how to reduce costs, improve security and uptime

TSO Metrics

Cross-Silo Analytics Empowering IT.
Faster Decisions in the Data Center.

TSO Metrics delivers unprecedented visibility into data center environments. It quickly identifies comatose servers that are doing nothing more than wasting resources or you can use it to pinpoint underutilized servers to carve out a pathway to use resources more efficiently.


With TSO Metrics teams can:

  • Identify servers in use versus those sitting idle or comatose and know the associated costs for all three states
  • Refresh or decommission servers and make smarter purchasing decisions to improve your ROI
  • Determine utilization levels and workload efficiency
  • Quickly correlate server and application performance
  • Provide show-back reporting by department or application
  • See a cost-benefit analysis for delivering applications internally or via a cloud provider – in real-time


While TSO Metrics aggregates a total view across the entire data center supply chain, its actionable reports show the most relevant and timely view of departments by server generation, server type, and more. Actionable analytics show the way forward for optimizing resource allocation, improving uptime, and reducing operational expenses.


TSO Metrics provides:

  • Critical insights for effective IT planning across every department
  • Insights that enable fast, informed decisions
  • Flexible reporting for creating efficiency-boosting strategies
  • Significant savings and capital budget reductions


Performance when you need it, savings where you want.
TSO Metrics aggregates data around load, power, and capacity across a multitude of resources and systems to provide a complete picture of performance and utilization. By removing the guesswork from operations, teams know where and how efficiencies can be created – and where additional investments are needed to reach business goals and expectations.


Start Answering New Questions:

  • How much are we paying for performance?
  • Are we buying servers and provisioning unneeded resources?
  • Is it cheaper to run this in the cloud or on premise?
  • Are servers and applications generating revenue efficiently?
  • How much overhead is being wasted?
  • How much more savings would be possible with energy intelligence and minor modifications to operations?


Most important, TSO Metrics allows all levels of an organization to know the most cost-effective way to improve application delivery and advance the goals of the data center.

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