See how TSO Logic
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Our software platforms remove the guesswork so you can now plan with confidence.

See how TSO Logic
simplifies IT transformation.

Our software platforms remove the guesswork so you can now plan with confidence.

TSO Match Accelerates Transformation for Enterprise Compute

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, October 5, 2016 – TSO Logic today announced the launch of TSO Match, the latest addition to their powerful analytics platform that uses pattern analysis and algorithmic decision making to accelerate transformation of enterprise compute. The new solution quickly determines compute needs of applications running both on premise and in cloud environments and uses pattern analysis to find the best match from a catalog of transformational options that includes Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and a multitude of hybrid technologies.

Enterprise organizations find it difficult to analyze the myriad of options for positioning and sizing their compute workloads, and have traditionally used static tools like Excel to do so. The multitude of parameters that need to be considered — CPU, memory, storage, OS, location, and more — make transforming from current state to future states a complex and costly process.

TSO Match eliminates the error-prone guesswork of time-consuming, manual processes. As its name implies, it plays matchmaker, algorithmically profiling historical compute patterns to determine the perfect fit for any given workload. On the fly, it leverages multiple heuristics and statistical analysis to normalize the present state of compute utilization and finds the best match across multiple cloud and on-premise options.

TSO Match runs continuously to enable the rightsizing and right-costing of enterprise compute — all the way down to the exact CPU capacity and performance levels needed to meet an organization’s business and technical requirements. The algorithm can process thousands of instances per second, replacing manual processes that take days or weeks to complete

“TSO Match streamlines IT transformation,” said Aaron Rallo, TSO Logic’s CEO. “By working with Amazon, Microsoft, and Intel, we bring actionable intelligence based on dynamic data into the realm of enterprise compute decision-making, something that wasn’t possible before. TSO Match evaluates OS instance types, network, and storage — on premise and in the cloud— and recommends the most logical match, accurately and in real time,” he added.

TSO Match is available across North America, with availability through Amazon AWS and the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance. To learn more, visit


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TSO Logic delivers analytics and algorithmic decisions for transforming enterprise compute. The company’s open platform provides unprecedented visibility into IT compute and application delivery, plus actionable analytics for improving performance, cutting costs, and transforming environments into ideal future states.

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