See how TSO Logic
simplifies IT transformation.

Our software platforms remove the guesswork so you can now plan with confidence.

See how TSO Logic
simplifies IT transformation.

Our software platforms remove the guesswork so you can now plan with confidence.

TSO Logic Platform

Build your business case for transformation.
Find the optimal spot to place each and every workload.

When planning enterprise transformation or cloud migration, knowledge is power. You can’t properly evaluate your future options without a clear baseline of what you’re running right now.

The TSO Logic Platform provides the industry’s most accurate data-driven analysis of total cost of ownership and cost modelling for your ideal future state. It ingests millions of data points from your current environment, including age, generation and configuration of all hardware and software they’re running and each instance’s historical utilization. The Platform creates a fine-grained statistical model of compute patterns for all OS instances, showing how much you’re spending, where you’re over-provisioned, and where there are opportunities to realize significant savings both now and in the future

Using multiple machine learning influenced algorithms and pattern matching, the TSO Logic Platform determines the best fit for each workload from thousands of potential options, including public and private cloud. Using validated processor performance data from Intel, and up-to-the-minute pricing from cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, it gives you the insight you need to transform with confidence.

Transform Smarter with Hard Data

Use TSO Logic’s automated discovery and transformation planning capabilities in one of two ways:

  • TSO Logic Subscription
    Continuous validation, full visibility and ongoing tracking for all your workloads across on premise and cloud. Get TSO Logic’s analytics on an ongoing basis to ensure that you are never caught off guard and that you are always running each workload in the best place—even as your environment and cloud options and pricing change. Dynamically pass data to your cloud provider or migration partners to fast-track transformation.
  • TSO Logic Match as a Service
    Get the industry’s most accurate snapshot of your current compute, storage and software, how it is being used and what it would cost to run with any of the leading cloud providers. This “as a service” offering means that the TSO Logic platform does the heavy lifting to get you the business case you need to accelerate your journey to cloud.

How much more could you save?

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