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See how TSO Logic
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Toronto animation studio ready to save up to 56% with TSO Logic

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Arc Productions Case Study

Arc Productions is one of Canada’s premier digital media studios, working in animation and visual effects from their headquarters in Toronto, Canada.

When they’re working on feature films like 9 and Gnomeo & Juliet, and trailers for the new Halo 4, they depend on the responsive rendering power of over 600 in-house servers to meet tight deadlines and keep their productivity high.

Of course, all of those servers need plenty of power to do their jobs, which adds up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy costs per year. No surprise, then, that they are eager to find smarter ways to control those costs.

Right now, we’re working with Arc to give them something they’ve never had before: application-level insight into how their data center is using energy, and how much power and money they could be saving.

Some of our key findings

For just over two months now, Arc has been evaluating their server farm around the clock with TSO Metrics, our application-level power monitoring tool.

They already knew that their peak demand periods fell on workdays, when most of their animators are working. Now they’ve learned some eye-opening things about their variable load and what it’s costing them.

  • Their server utilization is already better than average.
    Arc’s server center is showing an average server utilization of 36 percent, ranging from a low of zero percent to a peak utilization of 77 percent. This is already much better than the estimated industry average of just 6–12 percent (a figure that has been getting some high-profile media attention recently).
  • But most servers are idle most of the time.
    Even with the higher-than-average utilization, they found that over half of Arc’s servers are completely idle about 69 percent of the time.
  • Idle servers use over half of the power.
    With so many servers idle most of the time, Arc learned that idle servers are responsible for 56 percent of all of the electricity consumed by their whole farm.

What does all of this mean? Very simply, over half of what Arc is now spending to power their servers is wasted on servers that are not doing work.

That represents a new major savings opportunity for the studio—which is exactly what we’ll be helping them with next. TSO Power Control will let them automatically and seamlessly power down idle servers when demand is low, all without sacrificing performance or control.

What could you be saving on energy?

The opportunity that Arc Production has discovered is in no way exceptional. In fact, most data centers with variable load have an untapped savings potential that is just as massive.

How massive is your opportunity? We offer quick savings estimates and free, in-depth assessments using TSO Metrics. If you’re ready to get started, talk to us:


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