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See how TSO Logic
simplifies IT transformation.

Our software platforms remove the guesswork so you can now plan with confidence.

New TSO Logic Research Reveals Immediate Economic Advantages for Cloud Migration

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45 percent of operating system instances would be better off in cloud; migrating would generate significant savings for the enterprise.

 Vancouver, BC – December 15, 2016 – TSO Logic, developers of a data-driven platform for rightsizing and right-costing workloads, today shared an analysis detailing the economic advantages of cloud migration and technology refresh. Based on millions of anonymized data points gathered from across a sampling of TSO Logic’s install base, the findings show which operating system instances would run more cost effectively in cloud vs. on premise.

Using data from a pool of 25,000 operating system (OS) instances, TSO Logic’s analysis revealed:

  • 45 percent of virtualized OS instances would run more economically in the cloud — migrated as is, without making any other changes to cloud-optimize applications.
  • Migrating those instances would generate overall cost savings of 43 percent.
  • 26 percent of current OS instances are over-provisioned based on historical utilization.

The data also shows that updating servers can yield significant savings. Using data gleaned from 10,000 physical servers, TSO Logic’s analysis shows that modern, more powerful hardware can make a big difference:

  • 25 percent of sampled servers were more than three years old.
  • Accounting solely for the processing power gains, identical workloads could be run on 30 percent fewer Generation-9 servers than on their current Generation-5 models.

“The data demonstrates that there is plenty of low-hanging fruit that can easily drive significant savings for many enterprise organizations,” said Aaron Rallo, TSO Logic’s CEO. “Cloud migration is not an all-or-nothing proposition. By understanding current compute, how it’s used, and the economic differentials between current and future states, you can make smarter decisions about cloud strategies and other transformation investments,” he concluded.

To read the full report, visit TSO Logic’s website:


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