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Live results from Interop

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Interop Las Vegas is the world’s largest IT event. As part of their tier one event they showcase InteropNet, a temporary, volunteer-run network that provides high-speed network connectivity to Interop’s 13,000 attendees.

For the second year, TSO Logic is showcasing our software as part of InteropNet and the new SDN Lab. To support the conference’s “best practices” network Interop is using our proprietary analytics and automation engine to measure and improve efficiency.

Day one. Insider round up.


Busiest hour
The Interop expo floor opened at 2:00PM on the first day (April 28), and traffic spiked within the hour. During this hour Interop maintained 1,970 concurrently connected users. We tracked a similar spike in 2014, yet the number of users this year increased by 16%. From a business perspective, this means there were more people walking the floor with connected devices , browsing booth and products.

Increased traffic from 2014
On the first day, Interop maintained consistently higher traffic rates compared to the same day in 2014. Even the low point of connected users during show hour’s increased 15%, meaning that the Expo Hall was consistently busier.

End of day
At the end of the day, the number of connected users dropped to a trickle and much of the network and compute, including the network access points, became idle. At this time, our automation engine kicked into gear – shifting reaming workloads, and consolidating virtual compute and access points. In 2014 — leading to a savings in excess of 50%. We seem to be on track to deliver similar savings this year.

Day two. Insider round up.


ExtraHop Robot draws crowd
robot_spikeAt 3:30PM, the ExtraHop full-size robot made a guest appearance at their booth, nearly doubling traffic levels in that area for the following 60 minutes. Kudos to the marketing team for this innovative presence.

In addition, the front third of the show floor consistently maintained the majority of traffic throughout the day. As expected, this is also where some of the larger booths just as Cisco, HP, VMware and NetScout Systems were located.

Busiest hour
On the second day, Wednesday, April 29, the Expo Floor opened at 10:30AM and the number of connected users spiked around noon. During this time Interop maintained 2,224, concurrently connected users. At 1:15PM, we saw the number of connected users drop to 1,700.

For the Booth Crawl, which kicked-off at 3:30PM, we were curious to see if drinks and food impacted the number of connected users. While there was not a significant spike is new users, the number stayed consistent – meaning that people mingled around longer during the social hour.

Day one versus day two
Overall, utilization on day two was 18% busier than day one, which means there were significantly more people walking the Expo Floor. Overall, the Expo Floor is 13% busier than 2014.

How we do it
To measure and improve efficiency at Interop, we leverage our analytics and automation engine to provide a top down transparent view of their network and compute infrastructure. Including:

– Ensuring the network is running 100% of the time to meet Interop’s Service Level Agreements

– Bridging the gaps  between Interop’s business and technology groups – providing valuable data about usage patterns and utilization

– An automation engine that interfaces with wireless and SDN controllers to shift workload and reduce costs during periods of lower activity

More to come. Stay tuned.
Interop anticipated and planned an increase of attendees this year. By our count, they are right on track. As we enter day two, check back for more data results from Interop Las Vegas, including where the traffic was centralized on the show floor.




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