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See how TSO Logic
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Interop Wrap-up: A view from the floor of the world’s largest IT event.

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Working the floor, in more ways than one

At Interop 2015 in Las Vegas, we were more than just exhibitors. We also put our proprietary software to work to measure and improve the efficiency of the high-speed network providing connectivity for the show’s 13,000 attendees. So while we were showcasing our application-aware solutions at our own booth, we were also supporting the InteropNet conference network. All in a day’s work.

We came, we saw, we quantified

So how’d we do it? Our analytics and automation engine provided a top-down, transparent view of InteropNet and its infrastructure. By interfacing with wireless and SDN controllers, access points, and compute infrastructure distributed across the show floor we were able to identify traffic as it moved through the expo floor, helping:

Keep the network up and running in order to meet Interop’s SLAs

Bridge the gaps between Interop’s business and technology groups and provide valuable data about usage patterns and utilization

Shift workloads and reduce costs during periods of lower activity

Traffic up from 2014

Interop anticipated more traffic for 2015, and by our count, they were right on target. Overall, the expo floor was 13% busier than 2014. Traffic spiked shortly after the doors opened, maintaining 1,970 concurrently connected users during the first hour (up 16% from 2014).

At day’s end, traffic slowed considerably, but still remained higher than 2014. As the number of connected users dropped to a trickle and much of the network became idle, our automation engine kicked into gear, shifting workloads and consolidating virtual compute and access points — and bringing resource savings in the neighborhood of 50%.

Opening day – April 28



Robot draws a big crowd

We use automation to deliver unparalleled visibility into data center environments. ExtraHop Networks, with a booth close to ours, used it drive traffic to their booth – in the form of a life-size robot. When ExtraHop robot arrived on the scene, traffic in the vicinity more than doubled for 60+ minutes, returning to normal levels only after the robot departed. Kudos marketing folks!

What’s it all worth?

While the data may seem esoteric, it can actually provide great value. By analyzing utilization data captured off the show floor, we can identify patterns and isolate areas of highest engagement. The information helps vendors and show organizers alike more effectively manage foot traffic and booth placement. And as marketing teams spend big money to drive traffic at events like Interop, such insights can be invaluable.

It’s not just for showtime

At Interop, TSO Logic helped the show’s network managers better allocate resources, improve uptime, and reduce operational expenses. We can do the same for your data center. Contact us now to arrange an online demo.

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