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See how TSO Logic
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Clearing Out the Deadwood: Independent Research Validates Big Savings in the Data Center with TSO Logic Metrics.

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Stanford University’s Jon Koomey, a top researcher on the environmental impacts of technology, and the Anthesis Group recently concluded an analysis of server utilization in real-world data centers. Data from production servers utilizing TSO Logic’s agentless IT efficiency software was collected, and the findings clearly show that underutilization and server sprawl are costing organizations billions in wasted spending every year.

Key findings

The study found that 30 percent of physical servers were “comatose” — that is, they were powered on but had not delivered any useful services in six months or more. Extrapolating the data, the researchers estimate that there are 10 million comatose servers worldwide, both standalone servers and virtual hosts. That’s a lot of deadwood. The study also reckons that typical business data centers have lots of excess capacity, with servers delivering less than 10 percent of their maximum output annually — for both physical and virtual servers.

So what’s it all mean?

The study points to the need for a better way to identify unused or underutilized hardware. Inefficient provisioning is not sustainable. And from the standpoint of money wasted on power, hardware, and unneeded licenses, maintenance, staffing, and real estate, it’s also very costly. Among our install base, we’ve seen live servers supporting departments that haven’t been operational for years. We also find that the least efficient servers often are utilized more than newer, more efficient ones — which just means more waste.

For instance…

Say you’re running 1,000 servers with 30 percent comatose. The value of those servers, conservatively estimated, is about $900,000 (300 x $3,000). And let’s say your data center anticipates the need for 300 new servers next year. If you can find and efficiently provision the comatose servers instead of buying new ones, you’ve saved almost $1M — and also eliminated 1.3M wasted kilowatt-hours, and plenty of other loaded costs. Check out our Savings Calculator to see what you could save.

Better tools for identifying inefficiencies

TSO Logic software provides unprecedented transparency into server utilization along with actionable metrics and automation tools for improving IT efficiency. Our solution enables you to identify comatose servers and re-provision or decommission them without any risk to your business or impact on Service Level Agreements.

Waste in your data center?

Bottom line: the study shows that up to one-third of data center spending is wasted. And much of that waste — particularly energy — goes unnoticed. Money doesn’t grow on trees, especially not on deadwood, so these findings should serve as a springboard for a change in business practices.

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To read the full findings click here.

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