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See how TSO Logic
simplifies IT transformation.

Our software platforms remove the guesswork so you can now plan with confidence.

Eradicating zombie servers – easier than you think

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In the Wall Street Journal, Robert McMillan takes a closer look at the persistent problem of comatose servers in data centers. With reference to research by Jonathan Koomey, Anthesis and TSO Logic, the article touts about one-third of all servers in a data center are powered on yet doing no real work – literally doing nothing expect using electricity and other resources.

Two mentions within the article worth highlighting – the perceived risks for decommissioning servers and the lack of incentives to do so.

Decommissioning zombie servers with confidence

When working with companies to eradicate zombie servers, the most common questions are “what if someone needs it later?” or “what if it’s doing something we don’t know about?”. The good news is that there are excellent non-invasive tools to measure and improve IT efficiency, even for the most risk averse data centers.

The truth is, the data required to make good decisions about servers exists. However, it’s difficult to get at manually – distributed across multiple silos that include compute, virtualization and network. Using smart tools, like what TSO Logic offers, you can quickly collect and analyze this data from various sources without the unnecessary manual labor.

By automatically gathering select data from the various silos and using our proprietary algorithms, we can definitively identify servers that are zombie versus those that are utilized. We are also able to quantify the savings based on various actions to improve efficiency.

Incenting employees to decommission – it works

The article notes that IT workers in the data center are in the best position to identify zombie servers, yet lack the incentives to do so.

In our experience, the economics of reducing waste by 30% can’t be ignored and presents an opportunity for the IT side to garner significant recognition from the business for decreasing costs in the datacenter supply chain.

In several cases, customers are using our software to baseline the costs of waste and building compensation plans around recognizing these savings – a win-win for the business as well as the employee.

Go ahead and kill your zombies

Connect with us today. We can help you safely drive zombie servers out of your facility.

Read the Wall Street Journal article: The Invasion of the Zombie Servers 


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