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TSO Logic CEO Aaron Rallo to Speak at Data Center Dynamics Converged Conference

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Discussion to explore server waste in data centers and its business implications

Vancouver, Canada – July 28, 2015 – TSO Logic, a global company that develops metrics and automaton software for data centers, announced its CEO Aaron Rallo will be participating in a speaking panel at the upcoming Data Center Dynamics Internet Conference, held July 30th and 31st at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis in California.

Rallo will be part of a panel titled “Massive waste in data centers (still). Does anyone care?” on Friday, July 31st at 11:25 am. The panel, moderated by Stanford University’s Dr. Jonathan Koomey, a top researcher on the environmental impacts of technology, will explore massive server waste in data centers and why stranded capital and unproductive operating expenses persist.

Joining the discussion are panelists:

  • Akamai Technologies: Nicola Peill-Moelter, PhD, Senior Director, Environmental Sustainability
  • GoDaddy: Sriram Sankar, Senior Director, Data Center Engineering
  • Anthesis Group: Jon Taylor, Partner

“Data from servers utilizing TSO Logic’s software show that up to one-third of data center spending is wasted and that much of this waste, particularity energy, goes unnoticed” said Rallo. “I am looking forward to revealing some of the trends that we are seeing and providing participants with ideas on how they can quickly improve utilization and reduce costs.”

“In the twenty first century, every company is an IT company, yet far too little attention is given to IT inefficiencies, and to the need for widespread changes in how IT resources are built, provisioned, and managed” said Dr. Koomey. “Removing idle servers would result in gigawatt-scale reductions in global IT load, the displaced power use from which could then support new IT loads that actually deliver business value” he adds.

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For more information on the recent study that revealed that 30% of enterprise servers were comatose visit


About TSO Logic
TSO Logic is a global company that provides never-before-seen insights into data center efficiency. As part of their software suite, they deliver analytics and automation to better allocate resources, improve uptime and reduce operational expenses.

About Data Center Dynamics Internet Conference
Driven by all-things 3rd Platform and Web 3.0 – IoT, cloud, mobile, and big data/analytics – Data Center Dynamics Internet focuses on the movement toward the full-stack – physical and logical. Industry experts will uncover the impact of these next-generation IT foundation technologies and the role of the application optimized software defined infrastructure of SDDC, SDN, cloud, open-source, and hyperconvergence among others.

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