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See how TSO Logic
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Our software platforms remove the guesswork so you can now plan with confidence.

The Older the Hardware, the More Economical Cloud Becomes

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By migrating instances that are running on hardware that is more than five-years old to the AWS Cloud would reduce costs by 74%

Over the past few months, while considering large-scale data center migration to AWS, six customers used TSO Logic to discover the scope of their environment and analyze utilization patterns.

The TSO Logic platform was used to analyze the real-time data from these customers with a focus on compute usage, utilization, and instance sizing.

Here is what we found when looking at hardware for these six customers.

In total, TSO Logic analyzed 34,000 instances – 15,270 of which were running on hardware that was more than five-years old.

We quickly determined that migrating these instances to the AWS Cloud would reduce costs by 74%.

One of the most immediate economic benefits of migration comes from instances that are running on older hardware – the older the hardware, the more economical the cloud becomes.

Cloud also has the benefit of reducing upfront capital investments in new hardware. In addition, since AWS is always innovating, and releasing new instance types, you get the benefit of the latest hardware without any additional capital expenditure.

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We reached our conclusions based on the analysis of dynamic data culled from six client engagements conducted in December 2016. Provisioned compute and historical usage and utilization data from 34,000 on-premise OS instances was ingested into the TSO Logic platform, along with a benchmark catalogue of on-premise costs. We then identified the direct match as well as the rightsized option along with the associated costs from the AWS catalogue, and compared the findings with a larger, previously verified sample to gauge their accuracy.

TSO Logic can ingest both estimated and actual data points to create economic models (in this case, we used one- and three-year AWS reserved instances pricing). Our findings indicate that more data points, longer data collection, and more accurate assumptions favor the economics of AWS (clients often over estimate their compute usage and utilization requirements, which impacts instance rightsizing).




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