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See how TSO Logic
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AWS launches C5 Instance. Here’s what you need to know.

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 C5 is a better match for 19.4% of instances

It’s well known that the Amazon Web Services’ catalog of compute options is continually evolving – price decreases occur on a regular basis and new services and products continue to be added frequently.

The newest addition is the C5 compute instance size. Backed by Intel’s newest processor, Skylake, it comes with many benefits.

  • Better floating point processing – ideal for compute intensive workloads, such as machine learning, AI, database and video processing
  • Lower overhead hypervisor that directs more resources to individual virtual machines
  • Higher performance network capabilities and 3x the EBS storage bandwidth for faster access to storage systems

How C5 will impact AWS customers

At TSO Logic, we have a data model which contains millions of data points on enterprise compute, provisioning levels and usage patterns. To identify the impacts of C5 we ran our optimization algorithm between the AWS catalogs with and without C5’s against our data model.

 A C5 is a better match for 19.4% of instances, resulting in an annual savings of 18.5%. As an example, if you are spending $2 million per year, this would be a savings of $360,000 per year. The primary reason for C5 being a better fit than existing instances is the combination of a more powerful processor, lower costs and software licensing.

This analysis accounts for workload patterns, computational capabilities, license options and cost when choosing the best instance size for the job.

And here are some additional findings:

  • C5, on average, is 10 to 12% less expensive than C4
  • Compared to a C4, C5 has 2x more VCPU and memory
  • C5’s running Windows with SQL Server Standard 35% less than on a C4
  • All C5’s running Linux are less expensive
  • All but one C5 running Windows only is less expensive – the exception is the C5.9xlarge

At TSO Logic, we create fine-grained statistical models of all on-premise resources to determine the most cost-effective place to run each workload. Using validated information from Intel and AWS, we normalize and compare processing capabilities between various generations of Intel processors and the myriad of options in the AWS cloud.

By putting aside paper-and-pencil calculations and moving to algorithmic analysis, you can automatically discover the true cost savings cloud can offer and keep up with the ever changing catalogues.

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